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Avaah Blackwell is a multilingual actress and versatile stunt performer. Classically trained in Europe, Blackwell began her exciting career upon graduating Prague Film School’s renowned “Acting for Film” pilot program at the top of her class. As one of 10 actors globally selected for PFS’s innovative program, Avaah is equally captivating when performing for stage or screen.  She produced acclaimed, female driven web series “Fan Girl Fights!” which launched both of the lead actresses into exciting stunt and action careers. Blackwell is the Co-Founder and Co-Host of a curated series of film industry related events entitled “Behind the Camera” at Soho House Toronto, and the creator of the Soho House Short Film Festival.  Her recent on screen credits include Jupiter’s Legacy, Star Trek: Discovery, EFC Movie, and Disney’s Secret Society of the Second Born Royals. Avaah utilizes her international training and experience to infuse her work with unique physical, emotional, and mental discipline. Versatile in her character choices, Blackwell is known best for playing strong female leads, as well as interesting supporting characters. 


Blackwell’s on screen presence has been described as  “magnetic, electric and enchanting” by producers and audiences across Europe (Cannes Film FestivalThe Bear Theatre Company), Asia (Pi Fan) and North America (12 Monkeys, Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, New York City International Film FestivalCalgary International Film FestivalGolden PandaStudio 35 Festival, et al.).  Blackwell’s exceptional comedic performance in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival earned her recognition from CBC. 

When not working on screen, Avaah can be found supporting her love for film by working for TIFF and Sundance Film Festival. She also spends her time training in acrobatics, martial arts, learning new languages and loves riding horses with her sister Mick in Alberta.

Avaah’s performances have enchanted audiences across Europe (Cannes Film Festival, The Bear Theatre Company et al ), Asia (Pi Fan) and North America (12 MonkeysLos Angeles International Short Film FestivalNew York City International Film FestivalCalgary International Film Festival  et al).

Exceptionally funny, Avaah’s comedic performance in the 2012 Winnipeg Fringe Festival earned her a nod of recognition from CBC. Miss Blackwell’s love for improv and standup comedy allows her amiable personality to shine both on and off camera.

Miss Blackwell’s experience as a Rotary Youth Ambassador (Sassenheim, The Netherlands) and upbringing in a military family has instilled in her a strong sense of service above self.  Avaah has a strong affinity for humanitarian efforts, especially those involving youth, seniors, veterans, gender equality, animals and the environment. Always happy to contribute to a good cause, Avaah co-hosted and helped in organizing Rotaract Toronto’s 2016 Annual Fundraiser at the National Club, which raised funds for Sketch Toronto.

Merging this with her diverse experience (as a runway model  (VersaceToronto Fashion WeekFashion Art Toronto et al), Events Director (ACTRA Studio District Film Party TIFF 2015,  HangLoose Media), Makeup Artist (Holt RenfrewNarsYSLShu UemuraLaura MercierPrague Shakespeare Festival) and Casting Director/Associate ( Mission Impossible 4: Ghost ProtocolMissing- ABC TV Series, I’m On It)  Miss Blackwell offers a rare and valuable skillset to each project she commits to.

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