• 2018

    Star Trek: Discovery team brings Avaah Blackwell out as a Klingon

    The team from Star Trek: Discovery brought Avaah out to play their Klingon at IMATS Toronto 2018!  Makeup by: Hugo Villasenor and Chris Bridges Photo by: Stephanie Pehar for IMATS 2018    

  • 2018

    AAA Video Game Casts Avaah Blackwell to Play in Lead Ensemble for Performance Capture

    Avaah Blackwell has been cast as part of the lead ensemble in a new AAA Video Game, set to be released late 2019. This will be  to be Avaah’s debut performance capture release, and she is extremely excited. 

  • 2018

    Alan Ritchson Casts Avaah Blackwell to play in Cicada 3301: Instar Emergence

    Titans’ Star Alan Ritchson and producer D.J. Viola have cast Avaah to play in their Feature Film Cicada 3301: Instar Emergence. Avaah will play opposite star Jack Kesy