Life On Camera



Versace cast me to walk for their #FW16 launch of their Saks 5th Avenue collection launch! It was a blast, and held at Muzik Night Club – They wanted edgy walks with lots of attitude.

12966663_10156840363550624_1515677413_nWhen I walked into the casting at Muzik Night Club,  gazing around at all the leggy skinny gazelles still in high school, with an entire city (country?) following them on social media, super elite international agencies, perfect skin, teeth so white, Crest would have been blinded, and just the right amount of “I don’t give a fuck attitude” – I thought-  “Well, you’re here- just give it all you got!”

Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream – Donatella Versace

With that, I quickly changed into my black dress, threw on my heels, passed my booked off to the assistant who hurried me on the floor, and I strutted down the runway. at the end of the catwalk, there was one lone iconic woman, with rocker chic post punk swag  and a cool “seen it all demeanour”. I was star struck- she was AMAZING! I turned to walk back but she called me over. She stared, I sweated and as she looked me up and down she said calmly- “you have a great walk Avaah, you should be in Europe”. I was so excited. She continued to ask if I was available for the dates, we spoke about my time in Europe and she sent me on my way.

Later, I got an e-mail from my agent saying I had booked it!

The show was fun, glitzy and glamorous and the clothes are gorgeous. You can find the collections here: Versace Collection

The moral of the story: Show up, and give it all you got.

xoxo Avaah