Life On Camera

A music video I star in, “Needs” by Odonis Odonis, is on fiyahhh! In fact, it’s a staff pick on Vimeo!!FullSizeRender Congrats Team!

This video took the tools used to highlight my image (lighting, wardrobe, filters , angles) and flipped them, to make me look “strange” “weird” “alien” and truthfully, a bit “ugly”. It was refreshing – it allowed me to explore a new side of my psyche – and it suits the whole look of this strange, tense and uncomfortable dystopian world that director, Scott Cudmore has created.

Just goes to show you – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and perception is so powerful. The way you choose to look at things determines the shape of your world.

Watch the video here:

Odonis Odonis – NEEDS (Official Video) from Scott Cudmore on Vimeo.