Life On Camera

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Sporting my Em Beauty Bar Mani and pedi on the red carpet in LA- Nails by Jenn Tran

I’ll always remember the first time I met Jenn Tran. She mystified me!  After years of searching Toronto relentlessly for an affordable and friendly, yet chic and cool nail salon to no avail- a friend recommended that I call Em Beauty Bar. A pleasant voice on the phone  greeted me warmly, and made an appointment with calm clarity, although I could hear the salon was bustling in the background.

As I glided up the staircase nestled between The Starbucks and Vintage Shop on the North East corner of Queen and John, I could hear Jenn’s distinct giggle as she conversed with all of her clients. When I walked through the door, she greeted me personally and asked me to have a seat on a cute and comfy sofa, and offered me something to drink. It was only a minute or two before Jenn took  me to her station, and discussed what I wanted. I couldn’t find the exact nude colour I wanted on display. When I described it to Jenn, she exclaimed with cool confidence “I know the perfect shade.” and she did! It was the perfect nude between pink and mauve, with a beautiful lustre. The shape and sculpting was perfect. The service was great. I was hooked!

A series of some of my Em Beauty Bar nails up close and at TIFF 2016! – Nails by Jenn at Em Beauty Bar :

image1-2 img_2408 img_2409


Since then I have been back religiously every 3 weeks for my nail fill, and each time Jenn has the newest and edgiest thing to suggest for me. Not to mention that each time I am there, I spot at least one of the hosts from a show in the Much Music building (which you can see out of Em’s window)  getting their mani or pedi!

Each of Em’s beauty stylists are well trained, professional and friendly. I admire Jenn’s business savvy, warm demeanour and artistic excellence. She spent 10 years in New York sculpting nails

Avaah’s Pedi From Nicole at Em Beauty Bar! Taken while writing this post 🙂

, came to Toronto and started The Em Beauty Bar  business, on her own and is flourishing! I wanted to include this post about Em Beauty Bar on Life on Camera, because I admire Jenn’s bravery, originality and perseverance. When you visit  Em Beauty Bar, you are sure to have a great experience, and get some of the best nails in Toronto- But more than that, you are supporting an independent business owned by an artistic woman who built her business on hard work, personal experience, bravery, and passionate perseverance. To me, that is the epitome of inspiration, and I will strive to do everything in my power to support such endeavours.

Avaah’s Mani while writing this post! Nails by Jenn at Em Beauty Bar

Thank you Jenn for being such a beautiful inspiration, and for continuing add warmth and excitement to everyones lives that you touch personally, and through your business!!

Much Love,

xoxo Avaah Blackwell